Acne Care For Men

No matter what personality or career you have, all men want to look good. Whether it’s looking good for a business meeting or a hot date, or face is the first thing people see, thus having a clean face is an important part of our aspect.

Acne care for men is not so new. The problem is that many men are not aware of the great amount of acne care products there are available to men. There are tons of men’s skin care products, made just for our type of skin and without the flowery smell that woman’s skin care products have.

Before you may have thought that acne care for men was limited to Clearasil or oxy pads, but there are numerous acne face washes and treatments available online, and best of all they are designed for us, for a man’s skin.

Acne care for men can be a bit more difficult compared to women, because of shaving. Shaving can cause cuts, scars and irritation which only makes our acne condition worse.

So here’s the secret to an acne free face guys, a skin care regimen. It’s so easy yet widely overlooked by many men. If you’re serious about acne care than you should start a skin care routine, not having one maybe the cause of your acne. Here is what you will need.

1. Face Wash

2. Face Scrub/Exfoliator

3. Shaving Cream for your skin type

4. Astringent

5. Moisturizer

Just use them in the order mentioned. Start with a face wash, not soap; buy a face wash for men. Remember if you really want a clean face you have to commit to a skin care routine. Then use a face scrub only 2-3 times a week, preferably on the days you shave. Follow with a shaving cream that is made for your skin type. Companies such as The Art of Shaving make great shaving creams for men with sensitive skin. Then use an astringent, this helps reduce oily skin and prevent acne break outs. And last but not least apply a facial moisturizer. Make sure the moisturizer is for your skin type, normal, oily or dry skin.

Starting a skin care regimen is not going to hurt your wallet, you will actually spend less then commercial acne treatments and enjoy continues good looking skin. Acne care for men is easy; give it a try, it worked for me and I know it will work for you!